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“This book will not only demonstrate how developers can use Amazon Internet Services to produce mashups, but also support them convert to monetize mashups – ‘. Cashups” Jinesh Varia-
, Amazon Amazon Internet Services Developer Relations team. Com is advancing the frontiers of the World wide web by way of their powerful suite of Web services. Innovative developers combining Amazon data with other freely offered sources to generate new and fascinating applications identified as Mashups. This book teaches you the techniques behind mashup applications and for the very first time that shows you how to build the examples in this book yourself.The shows how to integrate Amazon Web Services API with Yahoo, eBay, Google and YouTube. You will understand to combine information from diverse sources to produce new applications employing the tactics of the next generation browser such as AJAX, JSON and Dynamic Scripting. You find out to re-use data from the Internet service so it can be consumed from mobile devices su Mashups

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