C#.net Web Developer’s Guide (With CD-ROM)

C#.net Web Developer's Guide (With CD-ROM)

C#.net Internet Developer’s Guide (With CD-ROM) Description


Microsoft C # (C sharp) is a contemporary language, object-oriented programming built from the ground up to harness the power of XML Internet services based on Microsoft news. NET platform. With its Visual C + + development system heritage, C # will enable millions of C and C + + developers to use existing skills to rapidly develop sophisticated XML-based. NET. Why Web developers
Switch to C #?
… As it is the perfect solution for C and C + + programmers who need to combine rapid development with the power to access all the features of the Microsoft.NET platform. They want an environment that is totally in tune with the new Internet standards and makes it possible for simple integration with existing applications.
C #. NET Web Developer’s Guide will assist boost developer productivity and aid them remove programming errors that can lead to increased development costs. This book teaches Internet developers to swiftly and effortlessly generate solutions for Microsoft. NET platform. Internet dev C#.net Internet Developer’s Guide (With CD-ROM)

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