C# Programmer’s Handbook

C# Programmer's Handbook

C# Programmer’s Handbook Description


This book offers a detailed examination of the language employed in C # NET development for the current version. NET (1.1) and the version that comes out in late 2004 (2.). Developers move to C # will locate this a fast and easy to use reference and programmers back to the home a thorough understanding of the concepts essential to implement C # for programming actual needs. That’s the kind of book you by no means want to be without having providing vital guidance to utilizing C # to attain real tasks in technology, such as COM Interop, I / O, directory services , ADO.NET, networking, threading, debugging, Remoting, Internet Services and ASP.NET. This book also covers new characteristics of C # 2., which includes generics, anonymous techniques, iterators, and new methods of exising Framework. Become familiar with these concepts will now be an advantage to any C # developer anticipating the jump from 1.1 to 2.. C# Programmer’s Handbook

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