Cigar Style (Memoirs) (Memoirs S.)

Cigar Style (Memoirs) (Memoirs S.)

Cigar Style (Memoirs) (Memoirs S.) Description


Consuming and sleeping are the only activities that need to be allowed to

pleased to interrupt a man of his cigar.
to light a cigar to look at the bright
transform tobacco ash silver and blue smoke and
to take pleasure in its flavors are complicated and persistent
to practice a ritual that was completed in
centuries of kings and courtesans, prime ministers and presidents
, writers and artists.
for centuries has been the cigar
a symbol of leisure, ritual and
gesture of celebration. All these themes, and
critical moments in their history explored
with considerably love and energy in this volume
tasteful and entertaining pastime beloved. Cigar Style (Memoirs) (Memoirs S.)

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