Cocoa Programming Developer’s Handbook

Cocoa Programming Developer's Handbook

Cocoa Programming Developer’s Handbook Description


Cocoa Fundamental live programming lessons gives a video tour of the elegant and potent API and Cocoa programming tools obtainable on Mac OS X. writers specialists and developers David Chisnall explains how cocoa key executives and the parts are working, and then shows how to use them in designing and developing sophisticated applications for Mac OS X. Consists of: Lessons Live DVD with 4 + hours of instructional video – $ 150 value Manuel David Chisnall Programming Cocoa developer, the most comprehensive guide to Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X – worth $ 60 discover the basics of programming with Cocoa swiftly, simply and cost! About lessons live DVD This package is the video lessons focus on precisely what you require to know to master new abilities swiftly – and then put to function right away. Observe and find out from an professional developers as it covers all the bases for developing sophisticated applications for Mac OS X using Cocoa wide range of tools and methods. Cocoa Programming Developer’s Handbook

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