Core Java(TM), Volume I–Fundamentals (8th Edition)

Core Java(TM), Volume I--Fundamentals (8th Edition)

Core Java(TM), Volume I–Fundamentals (8th Edition) Description


This revised edition of the classic Core Java â„¢, Volume I-Fundamentals, is the definitive guide to Java for significant programmers who want to add Java to work on real projects. Fully updated for the new Java SE 6, this reference shows no-nonsense tutorial and reliable most crucial language and library functions with actual-world examples thoroughly tested. Examples of programs have been carefully developed to be understandable and useful in practice, so you can count on them as an excellent beginning point for your own code. Volume I is created to quickly bring you up to speed on the latest Java SE 6 and to support you make the transition as efficiently as feasible, if you are upgrading from an earlier version of Java or spend a yet another language. The authors focus on the basic concepts in Java and the basics of programming user interface. You will find detailed, insightful coverage of Java enjoyable Core Java(TM), Volume I–Fundamentals (8th Edition)

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