Databases A Beginner’s Guide

Databases A Beginner's Guide

Databases A Beginner’s Guide Description


Database skills crucial -! Made Easy Read database design standard and management techniques applicable to any sort of database. With clear examples with both Microsoft Access databases and Oracle: A Beginner’s Guide starts by showing you how to use Structured Query Language (SQL) for creating and accessing database objects. Then you discover how to implement the logic model for normalization, transform the logical design of the physical database, and manage information and method modeling. You can also get data on the safety database, on the internet analytical processing (OLAP), linking databases to applications, and integrate XML content object databases. Designed to facilitate LearningKey Skills & Concepts – Lists of particular abilities opening chapter in the chapter Ask the Expert – Q & A sections filled with bonus information and ideas Try This – Hands-on exercises that show how to apply your Notes skills – Further information on the substance coveredSelf Tests – Databases A Beginner’s Guide

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