How the Internet Works (8th Edition)

 how the Internet works (8th Edition)
\r Description \rHow the Internet Works (8th Edition)

Simple and clear explanations to go through any means

Detailed explanations go through technology.

Internet has changed the world … and, with everything from blogs to podcasts, Internet phones to video, it is still changing the world. Now it’s easy to see how it all works! This book is great, brilliant, full color illustrations and clear explanations make it all incredibly simple!

out how the Internet really works … It is extremely EASY!

This new edition is fully updated for today’s hottest Internet technologies, Web connections, hardware, communications and entertainment and much more!

• See how the Internet can deliver all types of information, anywhere: web pages, e-mail, music , video, phone calls and more!

• Understand the most exciting new Internet technologies, from blogs and podcasting to wikis and BitTorrent

• Discover how your Internet connection works … wireless, cable modem, DSL, even cell phones

• Go behind the scenes with today’s most sophisticated websites, applications and services

• Protect yourself from the latest Internet dangers, including phishing, web surveillance, and wireless hacking

Preston Gralla is the award-winning author to more than 30 books, including how the Internet works, complete idiot’s guide to Internet Privacy and Security, complete idiot guide to protecting children on the Internet and how wireless works. He has written

frequently on security issues, computer technology, Internet, and has been a columnist for many magazines, websites

and magazines .

Internet makes many great things, but an alarming number of them are still “black boxes” whose interior that is a mystery. In how the Internet works , Preston Gralla shows how information gets from here to there in the world’s largest computer network. With assistance from illustrators Sarah Ishidi, Mina Reimer, and Stephen Adams, Gralla presents a series of four-color spreads, each of which picks apart some aspect of Internet technology. You can find explanations of Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), Web browser, e-mail, Web search engines, multimedia and much more. There is a spread that shows how bulk e-transmitters (known as spammers) extract addresses from newsgroups and send advertisements to them. There is also an excellent graphic depiction of how the infamous Melissa trojan raged among Microsoft Outlook users in early 1999.

Some of the explanations are weaker than others. While Gralla gives a lot of information about how Internet telephony works, is his explanation of PointCast of, to paraphrase: “You install special software that communicates with the dedicated server software and presents news to you.” It is more a definition than an explanation. The book is divided roughly evenly between simple definition entries and detailed, commendable how-it-works entries. There is no glossary per se, but the index is good. – David Wall Fri Topics covered : Internet architecture, addressing, domain names, routers, connections, e-mail, newsgroups, Web browsers, push technologies, and Internet security and security.\r how the Internet works (8th Edition)

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