I’m Down: A Memoir

I'm Down: A Memoir

I’m Down: A Memoir Description


Mishna Wolff grew up in a poor black neighborhood with his single father, a white man who sincerely believed he was black. “He strutted in a short perm, a-esqe Cosby sweater, gold chains and Kangol-telling jokes like Redd Fox and guidance as Jesse Jackson. You could not tell my father that he was white. Think me I tried, “Wolff wrote. And so considering that childhood, her father began his crusade to make his daughter’s white down. Sadly, the Mishna does not really fit into the neighborhood youngsters. she was not dancing, she could not sing, she could not double Dutch, and it was the worst player on his team of black basketball, she was shy, cool, and painfully white. And yet, when she was suddenly sent into a rich white school, she discovered she was too “black” to match his white classmates. I’m Down is a hip, hysterical, and although lovely memory that will make you howl with laughter, to suggest I’m Down: A Memoir

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