Informix Database Administrator’s Survival Guide

Informix Database Administrator's Survival Guide

Informix Database Administrator’s Survival Guide Description


Created to assist beginners Informix On-line database administrators five. comfortably at work, strengthening this innovative handbook and the data that is spread over big volumes of documents and direct expertise in the workplace. It covers all aspects of day to day administration of database per day – both technical and political – and cover every thing from the samples employing the very same source, and advice on how to use tools to monitor and configure the database, for suggestions on how to treat different sorts of individuals and deal with office politics. Does the DBA tasks interact with peers, understanding of architecture on-line, recording, archiving, and public services, particular information, typical tasks DBA, setting the database and custom tools for DBA. You have a collection of programs to support the DBA in managing database – a program to monitor the state of the database, to monitor the use of the log file for the archive run in the background, and monitoring Informix Database Administrator’s Survival Guide

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