J.K. Lasser’s Strategic Investing After 50

J.K. Lasser's Strategic Investing After 50

J.K. Lasser’s Strategic Investing Following 50 Description


Investing wisely in the most critical moments in the strategic investments of your life, “after 50 removes the fear of financial planning for those who want it most Julie knows his emphasis on planning too ..” – A. Michael Lipper, CFA, President, Lipper Advisory Services, Inc. “For many men and women confuse speculation for investment. They get stuck in the sound market and lack the fundamental truth of investing is not a game but a indicates to an end, a way of giving. for your safety and the financial future of your family members If you’re ready to leave behind the empty promises of instant wealth and start to identify a meaningful way to your investment objectives, Julie and Jason strategic investment only after 50 guide you need. “- Don Phillips, managing director, Morningstar, Inc..” If you put off planning your monetary future since you felt overwhelmed by the prospect, I recommend this book to you Julie Jason has completed an exceptional job in P J.K. Lasser’s Strategic Investing Soon after 50

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