Java and XML (O’Reilly Java Tools)

Java and XML (O'Reilly Java Tools)

Java and XML (O’Reilly Java Tools) Description


XML has been the greatest buzzword on the World wide web community for the past year. But how do you cut by way of the hype and actually put them to work? Java revolutionized the programming globe by supplying a programming language, platform-independent. XML takes the revolution a step further with a platform independent language for exchanging information. Java and XML has numerous features that are ideal for making enterprise applications based on the Web, such as platform independence, extensibility, reusability, and global language (Unicode), and both are based on market standards. Together, Java and XML allow enterprises to simplify and decrease the cost of details sharing and exchange of information. Java and XML shows how to put the two together to create actual globe applications where the code and data are genuinely portable.This cover: the basics of XML using standard Java APIs to parse XML Designing new document sorts employing DTDs and schemas to write programs that generate XM Java and XML (O’Reilly Java Tools)

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