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As the guitarist for the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards created the riffs, lyrics, and the songs that brought the world. A true original and towering, he has always gone its own way, spoke his mind, and done things his own way.
Richards finally pauses to tell his story in the most anticipated autobiography in decades. And what a story! Listening obsessively to Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters records in a Coldwater flat with Mick Jagger and Brian Jones, build a sound and a band of music they loved. Finding fame and success as a bad-boy band, only to find themselves challenged by the authorities everywhere. Dropping his sixth guitar string to create a new sound that allowed him to create immortal riffs like those in “Honky Tonk Woman” and “Jumpin ‘Jack Flash”. Falling in love with Anita Pallenberg, Brian Jones’s girlfriend. Arrested and imprisoned on drug charges. Tax exile in France and recording Exile on Main Street . Ever-increasing fame, isolation and abuse makes life a speeding frenzy. Through all of Richards remained devoted to music of the band, until even that was challenged by Mick Jagger’s attempt at a solo career, leading to a decade of conflict and, finally, the biggest reunion tour in history.
In a voice that is uniquely and unambiguously him – part growl, part laughter -. Keith Richards gives us the truest rock-and-roll life in our time, independent and fearless and true

Amazon Best Books of the month, November 2010 . It is hard to imagine a celebrity memoirs – or memoirs, for that matter – that’s so easy to drink in (so to speak) as Keith Richards Life . Die-hard Stones fans will love the stories of the band’s ascension from the ‘Range’ band at the Marquee to the headliners at Super Bowl XL, guitar gear heads will rush to take the test on a lick that has eluded Richards for 49 years, and historians and romantics both will swoon over the raspy, rambling, raucous detail in this portrait of the artist in situ . Yes, some stories told, but Life is refreshing not gossipy, petty, or dirty – or at least not more than the truth demands. Richards is just as comfortable in his leg as a worn pair of boots, and Life captures the rhythm of his voice so easy to read his story is like sharing a pint with an old friend – one who happens to be one of the most iconic guitarists of all time. – Daphne Durham \r Life Ebook

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