Mono: A Developer’s Notebook

Mono: A Developer's Notebook

Mono: A Developer’s Notebook Description


Mono project is an initiative significantly talked about open source to generate a Unix implementation of Microsoft. NET Framework Development. Its purpose is to Unix developers to build and deploy cross-platform. NET. The project has also attracted considerable interest in developing components, libraries and frameworks with C #, NET programming.
Controversy? Some say Mono will turn out to be the preferred platform for development of Linux, giving Linux / Unix developers. Other people say it will allow Microsoft to adopt, extend and extinguish Linux. The controversy rages on, but – like a lot of developers – perhaps you’ve had enough talk and want to see what Mono is truly
There is a way to locate out: roll up your sleeves and get to work. and see what you Mono can do. How can you start off? You can discover a link to Mono. You can play with him, hoping to recognize issues by your self. Or you can go directly to work with Mono: A Developer’s Notebook – a practice g Mono: A Developer’s Notebook

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