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 Networking for Dummies Ebook
\r Description \rNetworking for Dummies ebook

the best-selling book early network now updated to cover the latest tools and trends!

fully updated and revised to incorporate the latest trends in networking, this perennial bestseller updated coverage of broadband technologies, storage and backup. You will discover the hottest topics of setting up a network at home or office.

Popular For Dummies author Doug Lowe knows what networks are looking for beginners, so to that end, he offers you networking fundamentals, written in easy to understand style and discuss topics such as Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.

  • the basics network with valuable updates on the latest networking tools and trends
  • explains exactly what a network is and how to use it
  • shows how to build a wired or wireless network
  • Addresses secure, optimize and troubleshoot network
  • Discusses network with all major operating systems

Wed Networking For Dummies, 9th Edition is the guide you need to begin to share resources and exchange data today.Computers in business environments become exponentially helpful and critical for daily operations when they are interconnected in a local area network (LAN) that allows employees to share files , Internet access, and valuable resources such as printers and plotters. To build a network of IBM-compatible PCs requires careful strategic planning, and Networking for Dummies, Fourth Edition , will help you sort out the technical details as painlessly as possible.

This book helps you figure out whether you need a LAN at all – the author is not shy about recommending simpler solutions such as printer switches – and then help you get the whole thing. Mainly describes Lowe LANs in an accurate and complete, if somewhat generic, way.

When it is determined that you need a system for operation of the network, Lowe describes features several fine (including NetWare 4.2, NetWare 5, Windows NT 4, and LANtastic). He also explains network architectures, cable systems, and security issues. New to this edition is information on transforming your LAN into an intranet by adapting internal protocols to Internet standards. There are lots of solid information about troubleshooting and optimizing performance too.

lot of valuable information in Networking for Dummies comes in the form of scenarios. Lowe uses short situations and explains, specifically, what networking hardware and software will be required or beneficial. Find a story that fits your situation and you will be in business. – David Wall \r For Dummies Networking for Dummies Ebook

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