PHP and MySQL Developer’s Projects

PHP and MySQL Developer's Projects

PHP and MySQL Developer’s Projects Description


Readers of PHP and MySQL web development, there is now a way to take your skills to the next level. PHP and MySQL Developer Project expands on what you’ve learned with new concrete projects which will focus on developing dynamic web sites with PHP and MySQL. Written by the same author and identical style, you’ll focus on new applications and implementations for PHP, MySQL, and other technologies that have emerged because the 1st book. Some of these more advanced technologies and special projects contain: XML, XSLT and the new wave of Web services with soap. Employing PHP with Macromedia Flash. PHP and MySQL in the wireless world. Interacting with Microsoft COM. Construction chat. Building a search engine with PHP. With RSS and XML to transfer details between internet sites. If you are a severe internet developers who are already familiar with the basics of PHP and MySQL, you can take your abilities to new heights with PHP and MySQL W PHP and MySQL Developer’s Projects

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