PHP and MySQL Web Development

 PHP and MySQL Web Development ebook
\r Description \rPHP and MySQL Web Development ebookPHP and MySQL are popular open-source technology that is ideal for quickly developing database-driven Web applications. PHP is a powerful scripting language designed to enable developers to create highly featured Web applications quickly and MySQL is a fast, reliable database that integrates well with PHP and is suited for dynamic Internet-based applications.

PHP and MySQL Web Development shows how to use these tools together to create effective, interactive Web applications. It clearly describes the basics of PHP, explains how to set up and work with a MySQL database, and then shows how to use PHP to interact with database and server.

This practical, hands-on book includes numerous examples that demonstrate common tasks such as authenticating users, build a shopping center cart, create PDF documents and images dynamically, sending and managing email, facilitating user discussions, connecting to Web Services with XML, and develop Web 2.0 applications with Ajax-based interactivity.

The fourth edition of PHP and MySQL Web Development has been thoroughly updated, revised and expanded to cover developments in PHP 5 through version 5.3, which as namespaces and closures, as well as features introduced in MySQL 5.1.

PHP server-side scripting language and MySQL database (DBMS) make a potent pair. Both are open source products – free of charge for most purposes – remarkably strong and capable of handling all but the most enormous transaction loads. Both are supported by large, knowledgeable and enthusiastic communities of architects, programmers and designers. PHP and MySQL Web Development introduces readers (who is presumed to have little or no experience with the title subjects) to PHP and MySQL to create dynamic websites. It teaches the same skills as the initial Active Server Pages (ASP) and ColdFusion books -. Techniques that address the same niche

Authors Luke Welling and Laura Thomson’s technique aims to get readers going on their own projects as soon as possible. They present easily digestible sections on specific technical processes – “Accessing array contents” and “Using encryption with PHP” are two examples. Each episode revolves around a sample program that ties the task down to its essentials, enabling the reader to fit the process into his or her own solutions as required. Tables that list options and other nuggets of reference material appear as well, but the many examples and the authors’ comment to them at the center.

Reference Materials on MySQL, have a look at Paul DuBois MySQL . In the PHP page , Web Application Development with PHP 4.0 is excellent. – David Wall Fri Topics covered:

  • MySQL database (for both Unix and Windows)
  • Accessing MySQL databases through PHP scripting (the letters really stand for anything)
  • database and changes
  • PHP tricks for increasing complexity – everything from basic SQL queries to secure transactions for trading
  • Authentication
  • Network connectivity
  • Session Management
  • Content customization

\r PHP and MySQL Web Development ebook

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