PHP – Learn It!: Learn PHP The Easy Way!

PHP - Learn It!: Learn PHP The Easy Way!

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Most PHP / MySQL books on the market that I read was not written for beginners. To be honest, even though I had trouble with “PHP for Dummies”, despite the fact that I work with HTML and another programming environment, ColdFusion for years. So why so tough for me PHP? I feel there were a quantity of points, but mainly because the HTML and ColdFusion experience, I knew a language based on tags. For all there was a tag, like this:
… which is a ColdFusion tag data processed output. PHP is not based on labels of any type. No, PHP is more like a language (ugh). If you are intimidated by, never fear – I will do my greatest to explain the examples of pure Swedish
! PHP – Learn It!: Find out PHP The Easy Way!

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