php|architect’s Guide to PHP Security|

php|architect's Guide to PHP Security|

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With the number of safety deficiencies and exploit discoveries and published daily growing, how to write secure and dependable applications are becoming more crucial every day. Written by Ilya Alshanetsky, 1 of the foremost specialists on PHP security in the world, php | architect’s Guide to PHP Security focuses on giving you all the tools and abilities you will need to both secure your existing applications and writing of new security systems in mind. This book gives a step by step guide to all topics related to security, by offering concrete examples of excellent coding techniques and their implementation in PHP in an accurate, concise and total. Offers strategies applicable to any version of PHP, including 4.x and 5.x Includes a step by step to securing your applications provides comprehensive coverage of security design, learn to defend your self against hackers Shows how to distract hackers with a “take p php|architect’s Guide to PHP Security|

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