Pro DLR in .NET 4 (Expert’s Voice in .NET)

Pro DLR in .NET 4 (Expert's Voice in .NET)

Pro DLR in .NET 4 (Expert’s Voice in .NET) Description


Microsoft Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) is a platform for executing dynamic languages ​​like Ruby and Python on a par with compiled languages ​​like C #. In addition, the foundation for implementing the design of a lot of helpful software and architecture, you can search as you develop your own. NET.

Pro DLR NET 4 presents the DLR, which shows how you can use it to write a program that combines static and dynamic languages, so you choose the appropriate tool for the job . You will understand the basics such as LINQ expressions DLR, call internet sites, files and dynamic objects and how they work together to obtain interoperability language. You can see how you mix and match objects and features of compiled languages ​​and dynamic, so you can write code in any language even though taking advantage of libraries written in other languages. And you will discover how different languages ​​work together behind the scenes.

Pro DLR in .NET four (Expert’s Voice in .NET)

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