Programming Clojure (Pragmatic Programmers)

Programming Clojure (Pragmatic Programmers)

Programming Clojure (Pragmatic Programmers) Description


Clojure is a dynamic language for the Java virtual machine, with an irresistible mixture of characteristics:
Clojure is elegant. Clojure sleek style and precise, you can write programs that go straight to the heart of a difficulty, but a lot of waste and ceremony.
Clojure is Lisp on. Clojure has the power inherent in Lisp, but not limited to the history of Lisp.
Clojure is a functional language. The information structures are immutable, and characteristics tend to be side effects. This makes it simpler to write right programs, and programs consist of large ones.
Clojure is simultaneous. Instead of blocking errors Clojure gives a brief decision software program company.
Clojure embraces Java. Calling from Clojure for Java is straightforward, and demands no translation layer.
Clojure is quickly. Wherever you want it, you can get precisely the same performance you get from Java code written by hand.
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