Robert’s Rules For Dummies

Robert's Rules For Dummies

Robert’s Rules For Dummies Description


If you belong to any organization, a school board to garden club to bowling league to trade association chances are this book can save you numerous boring meeting minutes. Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised is the present direction authority for the proper to wear any meetings with U. S. Senate or the House of representatives of neighborhood associations. This friendly guide translates Robert’s Rules into principles you can recognize and apply the next time Billy Bully tries to dominate the discussion or Debbie Dictator issues another edict. If you’ve ever been frustrated by the Organization Association of Condominium has been (or not) conducted or bolted even though PTA members debated whether to have goldfish or pencils as prizes for Carnival of the elementary school, this book is for you. Written by a registered expert Honourable covers: The basics of regulations that establish the actual framework of your organization, and nine of the things that Robert’s Rules For Dummies

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