Schaum’s Easy Outline of Accounting

Schaum's Easy Outline of Accounting

Schaum’s Easy Outline of Accounting Description


Reduced the basis for the hit series Schaum’s Outline for the student with limited time What could be greater than the hit series Schaum’s Outline? For students searching for a quick overview of the nuts and bolts, it would be effortless Schaum Outline series. Each book in this series is a sleek, streamlined and extremely focused its predecessor. By focusing on clarity, short term, each new title is a simplified format and updated and the absolute essence of the subject, presented in a concise and understandable. Graphic elements such as sidebars, reader alert icons, and points of tension packed highlights selected from the text, illuminate keys to studying and give students fast pointers to the essentials. Developed to attract underprepared students and readers turned off by dense text Cartoons, sidebars, icons and other graphic pointers get the material by way of a quick concise text focuses on the core under Schaum’s Effortless Outline of Accounting

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