teach yourself…Visual C++® 4.0

teach yourself...Visual C++® 4.0

teach yourself…Visual C++® 4. Description


Master the basics of Visual C + + and object-oriented programming to teach you Visual C + + four., a beginner to intermediate in the style, development and troubleshooting fully functional Windows ® applications. With teach you Visual C + + four., you’ll discover how to port 16-bit Windows 3.1 applications for 32-bit applications that are compatible with Windows 95 and Windows NT. Programming guru David Holzgang also explains exception handling, processing error correction OLE and practical troubleshooting strategies. The a lot more you teach Visual C + + 4. is a potent tool to access Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) library, the key to understanding the Visual C + +. teach yourself…Visual C++® 4.

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