The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine

 The Big Card: Inside the Doomsday Machine Ebook
\r Description \rThe Big Card: Inside the Doomsday Machine ebookTruth truly Stranger Than Fiction. Who better than the author of best-selling signature Liar’s Poker to explain how the event we were told was impossible-the free fall of the U.S. economy finally occurred, how the things we wanted, and ridiculously easy money and strong expanded home ownership for each vehicle to crash, and how shareholders demand profit investment managers are forced to eat the forbidden fruit of the poisonous derivatives

Michael Lewis’s great cast of characters includes villains, no. heroes, and a lot of people who look very, very silly: high government officials, including guard dogs, the heads of major investment banks (some overlap here with the former category), perhaps even the face in the mirror. In this biting, raucous, irresistible narrative, Lewis writes of the goats and the few who saw what the emperor was wearing, and gives them, most memorably, what they deserve. He proves once again that he is the finest and funniest writer of our time.\r The Big Card: Inside the Doomsday Machine Ebook

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