The Big-Town Round-Up – William Macleod Raine

The Big-Town Round-Up - William Macleod Raine

The Massive-Town Round-Up – William Macleod Raine Description


The driver of the large car strangled. Since he had turned away from the dusty road to follow a cart path by means of the desert is the speedometer registered thousands of miles. His eyes searched the ground in front to see if the trail leads up the hill or a dip in the washing of sand.
In the attic, he waved to him the weak, stubborn cow grain thirst. The car surged forward once more, climbed the slopes, and blocked a _remuda_ horses looked at two Wranglers.
driver shutdown and shouted a question to the nearest driver, who swung his horse and galloped up. He was lean, tanned, young individuals in dungarees, jumper, wide sombrero, high-heeled boots and leather chaps brilliant. A girl in the barrel evaluated rapidly, eager eyes of the horsemen of the plains. Maybe she found it much less picturesque than it had hoped. It was not the purpose of moving images. Absolutely nothing on the horse or the man kept his seat for any reason other than advantages. pr Ears The Large-Town Round-Up – William Macleod Raine

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