The “Business” of Sewing: How to Start, Maintain and Achieve Success


The “Business” of Sewing: How to Start, Preserve and Attain Success Description


This is the 1st time in the series of three books (the “business” of the seam). The two most recent editions in 2004 and the original, have all received rave reviews from Nancy Ziemann Sewing with Nancy McCall and simplicity of the Los Angeles Times and a lot more. This book is a comprehensive and informative guide for beginners and experienced sewing expert, teacher and student. Learn how to get paid what you are worth a detailed analysis of 3 pricing techniques, and the advantages and disadvantages of every. It supplies detailed guidance on company plans, monetary planning, marketing and advertising, how to attract customers, how to grow your business, and a lot a lot more. It addresses the very same profit teaching, writing articles and videos with sewing abilities. It has every thing. The “Business” of Sewing: How to Commence, Preserve and Achieve Success

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