The Tiger’s Wife: A Novel

The Tiger's Wife: A Novel

The Tiger’s Wife: A Novel Description


Weaving a network of bright household legend, loss and love, Téa Obreht, the youngest of The New Yorker twenty greatest American novelists under forty, has spun a novel timeless establish it as 1 of the most dynamic, the original writers of his generation.In a repair years of Balkan conflict, the arrival of Natalia, a young doctor on a mission of mercy in an orphanage by the sea when she and her buddies usually start vaccinating kids Zora, she feels old superstitions and secrets to gather all around her. Secrets of his outwardly happy guests chose not to tell him. Strange household secrets of digging for one thing in the surrounding vineyards. Secrets hidden in the landscape itself.But Natalia is also facing a private organization, the painful mystery of her own: the circumstances surrounding the unexplained death lately his grandfather beloved. After telling his grandmother he was going to meet Natalia, it ins The Tiger’s Wife: A Novel

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