Truck Stop – A Psycho Thriller

 Truck Stop - A Psycho Thriller
\r Description \rTruck Stop – A Psycho Thriller before the events of Jack Kilborn epic horror novel scared …
before the events of JA Konrath’s critically acclaimed thrillers FUZZY navel and Cherry Bomb …
before the events of Jack Kilborn’s and Blake Crouch’s # 1 Amazon Kindle bestseller SERIAL …
Three hunters of people get together for the ultimate showdown at the TRUCK STOP.
Taylor is a recreational killer, with dozens of gristly murders under his belt. He pulls into a busy Wisconsin truck stop at midnight, trolling for the next to die.
Chicago Homicide cop Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels is a long way from home, running to meet her boyfriend for a well deserved holiday. She pulls into truck stops for a quick cup of coffee and stumble into her worst nightmare.
Jackson no stranger to dealing with psychopaths, but she has her hands full trying to stop Taylor. Especially since he get help from someone as deadly, a portly serial maniac named Donaldson …
TRUCK STOP is a 15,000 word thriller novel that ties together Konrath’s and Kilborn work, with frightening results
<. br> A prequel to the serial, which has been downloaded more than 200,000 times TRUCK STOP is one eighteen wheels ride straight into hell. Not for the faint of heart. Let the reader beware
* Note:. TRUCK STOP is fully SERIAL uncut. Bad Girl TRUCK STOP + + serial = serial UNCUT
This ebook also includes an exclusive interview. JA Konrath talks with Jack Kilborn, plus excerpts from his latest book, Cherry Bomb and scared
. It also includes a bonus:
An excerpt from Jack Daniels / Alex Chapa Novella floaters, by JA. Konrath and Henry Perez

Praise for JA Konrath FUZZY NAVEL thriller:
“Fuzzy navel Konrath was at its best – a hilariously heart stopping thriller.” – Linda Fairstein, author of Lethal Legacy
“This radical novel is an adrenaline rush.” – Library Journal
“This book is moving so fast it was like having the words fired into my head with a machine gun.” – Crime Spree

Praise of AFRAID by Jack Kilborn:
“AFRAID is a masterpiece of unrelenting horror and I am not exaggerating Masterpiece This is the best piece of fiction I ‘… have read in years. It simply never lets up. “- James Rollins, author of The Doomsday Key
” a bloody, scary, rushing attack over a landscape of non-stop mayhem A guilty, guilty pleasure .. “- F. Paul Wilson, creator of Repairman Jack
“fear is a true page turner, a novel that offers one million mil one minutes action and excitement. Definitely a must have constant tension and chills. “- Heather Graham, author of Deadly Poison
” Never have I read a novel so gruesome, and at the same time relentless. Paper bolts with undivided relentless. pure fucking terror. You probably need a shrink when you’re done. “- Edward Lee, author of The Golem
” Fast and cruel, this is a dangerous thriller that will take a bite out of you an absolute must. read for anyone who loves the adrenalin rush of a shocking story told with style, speed and Savage Grace. “- Jonathan Maberry, author of” Patient Zero

About the author:
JA Konrath is the author of seven books in the Lt. Jacqueline “Jack” Daniels thriller series . The latest shake, edited by amazon core. He also wrote horror novels afraid, Trapped, endurance and Dracula under the name Jack Kilborn, and sci-fi novel TIMECASTER under the name Joe Kimball. (Featuring Jack Daniel’s grandson as the hero, coming out in 2011. )
\r Truck Stop – A Psycho Thriller \r

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