Visual Basic.Net Programmer’s Reference

Visual Basic.Net Programmer's Reference

Visual Simple.Net Programmer’s Reference Description


Visual Simple.NET provides a host of new functions that enable developers to optimize their productivity. In addition to a new unified IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Visual Standard developers can take advantage of new server explorer to easily integrate server-side components in their programs to the list of shared tasks to help organize the code, dynamic assist for immediate access to relevant data and macros to customize, extend and integrate the Visual Studio. Visual Basic.NET comply with all requests most typically heard by developers in recent years. This consists of 1st-class object-oriented constructs such as implementation inheritance, structured exception handling, and power features such as threading free of charge. In addition, new designers to develop Windows and Web applications and for working with XML and server side components to enable VB developers far more versatile than ever before. Visual Simple.Net Programmer’s Reference

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