Wicked – Piano/Vocal Arrangement

Wicked - Piano/Vocal Arrangement

Wicked – Piano/Vocal Arrangement Description


Nominated for a Tony award huge 10 in 2005, Wicked is an undeniable Broadway smash! A prequel to The All-American classic The Wizard of Oz, this new musical is a character study of Elphaba and Glinda, school roommates who grow up to become the Wicked Witch and Good Witch, respectively. We are very proud to offer several songbooks with this wonderful music, including Vocal Selections book which contains the vocal line with piano accompaniment (00313268), and a Piano / Vocal Selections book, in standard piano / vocal format with the melody in the piano part (00313267). Song books contain a special section of color photos of the production, a note from composer / lyricist Stephen Schwartz, and these great songs: Until you are my * Dancing Through Life * Defying Gravity * For Good * I could not not be happier * I’m not That Girl * No Good Deed * No one cares Wicked * One Short Day * Popular * What is the feeling? * * The Wizard and I Wonderful. Wicked – Piano/Vocal Arrangement

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