Windows PowerShell(TM) 2.0 Administrator’s Pocket Consultant

Windows PowerShell(TM) 2.0 Administrator's Pocket Consultant

Windows PowerShell(TM) 2. Administrator’s Pocket Consultant Description


Portable and precise delivery of this pocket guide ready answers for automating every day system administration tasks utilizing Windows PowerShell. Focus on fundamental commands and methods with quick reference tables, instructions, and lists. You can focus on the data you will need to save time and do the work, whether at your desk or in the field
Get the facts on quick. cmdlets
Standard Run, individually or in sequence to simplify the every day tasks of running remote commands and computers employment background inventory, configurations change, manage domains configure roles server, services, role and functions Manage and troubleshoot TCP / IP Network File System Administration, catalogs and print management settings security Implement, event logs and audit and Read write registry values ​​to automate system monitoring and performance tuning Extend Windows PowerShell with snap-in modules and module extensions Windows PowerShell(TM) 2. Administrator’s Pocket Consultant

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