Windows via C/C++ (Pro – Developer)

Windows via C/C++ (Pro - Developer)

Windows via C/C++ (Pro – Developer) Description


Couple of leading programming applications for Windows utilizing C + +. Programming applications for Microsoft Windows is a classic book (formerly titled Advanced Windows, Third Edition) and is now totally updated for Windows Vista, such as the newest data about Windows XP. Thorough and comprehensive reference covers the core Windows operating system and how to program the level of the API. Recognized specialists present an inside view of how Windows works and how to use the features of Visual C + + tasks. Topics contain processes, thread pooling, virtual memory, DLLs, file I / O crackers, and the message. For system-level programmers, this is a must-have title. Includes code samples in Visual C + +. Functions
cover traditional topics such as thread pooling, heaps, and advanced DLL expert guidance
fully updated for Windows Vista
Provides extensive code samples in Visual C + + 2005 Windows via C/C++ (Pro – Developer)

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